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Sunday, 27 May 2018

7 c.foot / 200 litre Open Front Grit Bin

Strong and durable rotationally moulded plastic grit bin

Grit bin with 7 cubic foot capacity

Rota-moulded grit bin from Oaklands Plastics Ltd, stackable within it's design. Heavy duty, durable plastic with a rigid structure to withstand heavy contents, the weather and roadside bumps and knocks. Produced from UV stabilised polyethylene.

Open front hopper version, for accessible ease.

All our grit bins are available in various colours and have a strong through-rod hinge system to combat vandalism. Fork liftable from base.

7 c.foot / 200 litre Open Front Grit Bin

Open front


750 mm
490 mm
890 mm
200 litres
capacity to hold approx. 9 x 25kg bags salt

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